Am is a genuis my iq is 150 - 160 on an adult test and im only 13?

Yes, if the IQ test was administered by a qualified psychologist and especially if verified by a re-test. If just an internet or computer test, the results are much less reliable, but still predictive of above-average intelligence.
Well, genius, it's against Yahoo! rules to post the same question multiple times so I recommend that you delete one of them.
hard to say. If the test was designed for adults it probably wouldn't work too well with kids. Think about it, after being out of school twenty years, how much would you remember? Take one designed for your age group, and that will give you a better picture. It could also just not be a legitimate test or something.
Don't flatter yourself.
i'm sorry. i missed the question.
I doubt it, especially considering how you typed your question! If it was a legit IQ test, administered by an appropriate official then thats different, but I have a feeling you took one of those online crap ones.

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