Do colleges look at SAT scores from 9th grade?

Question:Do they look at 8th grade and 7th?

Colleges will be able to see those scores when you send the SAT grade reports (they include all your SAT scores no matter when you took them), but they will only consider your highest score. So it really doesn't matter if you got low scores in 9th grade or lower because you have many chances to raise them before you start applying to colleges.
u took the SAT in 9th grade? they will only look at the scores that you submit. and no, they dont look at 8th or 7th grade. its too far away for them to care how u did then, it wouldnt say much about how u are in 12th grade.
you took the SAT in the ninth grade?? do you mean the PSAT?? regardless taking the SAT that early will mean you probably did poorly because you haven't had two or three years of higher level learning behind you. CollegeBoard only sends colleges you high scores out of all the times you've taken the SAt for example if the first time you bombed it thats fine, if the second time you have a high verbal grade but not math and the third time you have a high math but not verbal theyw ill send your highest math adn highest verbal score only to the colleges you select. Do not worry you have many years ahead of you, and in reality many colleges are not using the SAT anymore i've heard of plenty of places where its not required so dont worry, you can make up for it.
Well, they can look (all that information will be on any SAT report you send to any college, regardless of what test administration date you are trying to send your scores for) , but I doubt they will care what you made if you ended up doing better by 11th grade or early 12th grade, when most people take it.
how did you take it in the 9th grade you pulled some crazy stuff but they only look at the one you submit. And they also look at how many times you took it when you are trying to get in those higher ranking colleges

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