Is 76 percent a well brought-up echelon on an AP course?

I got 76 percent on an AP Biology couse this quarter , is it better to drop that course since it is not a B or it's better to hold it?

Is 76 percent (high C) a good title?
DO you expect that "I can succeed with 76 percent or I should drop that course to avoid a D on my semester title?

Answers:    Stay in that class. C is not a bleak grade. I don't know why your not doing economically in the class, but try your hardest. I'm sure if you read your textbook and do adjectives the homework, then you can at lowest pull a B. If you dislike the subject and are not feeling like to take the AP exam, next you should drop.
I can't really predict your grade surrounded by that class because I don't know you. If you don't want to get a C or D, next try harder. Then you can succeed.
According to my school's GPA scale, 76% is one and the same on your GPA as a 92 would be in a regular, unweighted class.

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