Are lie detector tests accurate?

They measure accurately several physical parameters, but if those parameters (galvanic skin response (sweating), breathing, etc.) change as you lie - that is an interesting question. You can learn to manage a lie detector test with a little skill and a little knowledge.
they are not allowed to be used in a court of law, SO that means NO they are not accurate or reliable
not always, it depends on the person who is taking the test. some people can control their heart rates so i guess you cant be sure. so i wouldnt always trust lie detectors.
They can be up to about 99% accurate but they aren't always so no is your answer =)
Not really, because some psychotic people can lie without being detected, it all depends on the person. Also there are chronic liars who can pass the test without any difficulty at all. these are the people who can lie to you straight in the face, and believe their own lies too. But for a normal person, they are pretty accurate.

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