As a junior...?

Question:I'm in AP calculus, what math course could I take next year?

I took AP Calc AB as a junior and then did AP Calc BC as a senior. That's the path I would suggest you to take if your school doesn't offer any higher level math courses. My school offered a Differential equations class and a Linear Algebra class. One of these, or a multivariable/multivariate/vec... calculus class would be the next class to take. Preferably, you'd do the diffeqs or the multivariable/vector calc option.

If you don't have any options to take a higher level math class in high school, and only one level (AP Calc AB or AP Calc BC) is offered at your high school, see if there is anything else you can take at a local university (as a community college may not offer everything you need--but if you take AP Calc AB, you should be able to get the next course, the Calculus 2 course there). Whether you can take the college level math classes might depend on your AP Exam score, though.

If you never intend to take any more college level math after you finish AP Calculus during the junior year, and if you pass your AP exam, you could do AP Statistics during the senior year and not be harmed by it.
do you have a higher course in your school? if you don't, try something like statistics, or no math at all. It all depends on what your school offers
it depends on what your school can provide for you...or if your school allows students to go to a university to take an actual college course with college students.try talking to your guidance counselor...
Ap statistics
im assuming youre talking about calc BC.

you could take AP stats or calc III at your local comunity college,

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