Calculator question?

Question:which cal do u need 4 11 grade math [im in 10th grade but am in 1 class higher course] is it a ti-83 or 84? and how much is it

I'd say, for a little extra money, you might as well go all out and get the TI-84 Silver. I love that calculator--it works a lot faster than the TI-83+, it has more memory 9which is always a plus), and it has more features. A TI-83+ will be sufficient all the way through first and second semester calculus, as will the TI-84. Don't go all out and by a TI-89 yet.

As far as where to get the calculator cheapest, it depends on the sales at the stores. Keep an eye on them! I did notice at Walmart that the TI-84 Silver didn't cost that much more than the TI-83+.
Those two are pretty much the same. Just the 84 is more expensive because it looks cooler and I think it has more memory or something. I have the 83+. It works just great for me and I've had it for two years for high school math. I think the 83+ is around $80.

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