Pl pl support pl!!!?

i am doing my final year engineering...i am from india tamilnadu ...i have 20 arrears not here and 6 current papers that is around 26 papers ...i must overrun these exams ...i have prepared outstandingly little and they start on nov 14 from then on i own exams daily what to do pl suggest a solution

Answers:    You involve to make a schedule of everything you have to do, and consequently break those projects into smaller, manageable tasks.

Then, prioritize your account into highest, milieu, lowest priorities, and start attacking it! Figure out what your most heavily weighted papers are and make sure those acquire done first.

You can also ask any academic advisors whether near are any due date extensions you can apply for. Sometimes you'll find a sympathetic professor who can wait a week for a article. But, when you approach, approach with a plan. Don't merely say, "I requirement more time." Say, "I got myself into trouble, and I will stipulation an extra 5 days in directive to write this paper." Sometimes professors will lift you more seriously if they can tell that you enjoy a plan for completion.

Good luck, and just remember that this have been a research experience. Now you know that it doesn't work to leave everything until the concluding minute, and you'll be more motivated to stay on track next permanent status.

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