Best way to prepare for the SAT/ACTs?

Question:Should i try a tutor? or just use those study books? I'm not stupid, I do well in school and everything but I dont want to be under prepared for these tests.

I purchased a study guide by The Princeton Review with 10 practice SATs and 1 practice PSAT the 2006 edition, with explained answers. Well here's what my teacher said last year, if you're pretty well off in school like a GPA of 3.2+ then you probably don't need a tutor and just having a book is enough. I've done 5 practice SATs now, and I'm really confident that I'll get a very high score especially since it has the new essay section. So if you get a book, i highly suggest this one, remember most people take the SATs about 3-4 times so study hard but don't be too nervous about it. Also online at, you can get SAT questions and a lot more help with school. Alright do what you do, peace.
If you've got $200 I'd say try taking a SAT prep class (your high score may make up for the cost in a scholarship). I got some study books out of the library and studied those, and I went online and found lots of vocabulary lists of common words on the reading portions of the tests and made flashcards. Also try looking for practice tests online- collegeboard has some on its website.
i suggest you to use Kaplan or Princeton Review Books to study. Many tutoring places use those books too, so there is no point in getting a tutor. Just go buy the study books from Borders or Barnes and Noble. good luck.
The best way to prepare is to "practice". It is true that "practice makes perfect" so before you spend money on a tutor, try to get your hands on free resources that will help you practice. Get your hands on as many mock SAT/ACT exams as you can. You can then time yourself on the mock exam and remember to be very strict about it because that is what you will experience when you take the actual exam. Do these over and over with different mock exams until you feel comfortable enough to pinpoint where your weaknesses lie. You will start to see a trend where you tend to score lower. Then, expose yourself more to the concepts of those sections. After you have done this, you can assess your comfort level with the test. If you are still feeling the need for improvement, you can invest in a tutor, but when you find the tutor, at least he/she will know where to begin to help you. Good luck!
I've never taken the SAT, but I took the ACT twice and I got pretty good scores both times. The first time, I used the practice booklet that came with the registration package, along with the practice tests at The second time I used all those along with some software from the Princeton Review that my mom had lying around.

You'll do fine! Just do practice tests online, and if you've got it, do the practice booklet. Good luck!
the best way is to study by yourself. All you have to do is practise the SAT exam once in a day and work very hard doing math problem. going to a tutor is waste of time and money. you waste lot of time by commuting and other ways and sometimes u may not understand what the teacher taught. So its better to go a book than a tutor. I told all this hoping that u have atleast 2 months to prepare

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