Filipinos: Is the DLSU Entrance Exam hard? Do you know any tips about it that you can share?

Question:I'm taking the test on October. Please share some tips. Thanks :D

what is a DLSU, if it's a school in the philippine , just study abroad. i hear from my filipino friends that there are no good school in the philippines because of the government,,
Do not worry the entrance exams is not that just need to stay calm and focus and answer all the questions...You can do it..Good luck!
Please don't assume that all universities in the Philippines suck if you haven't been to one...
Charlotte, DLSU is one of the prestigious universities in the Philippines but the atmosphere is more like "rich snob kids".
it is not that hard, UST Entrance Examinations are the hardest, UP Entrance Examinations are not that hard either. other universities don't have hard entrance examinations but they have hard examinations before you are able to go to your third year in college, like FEU.
Expand your vocabulary words, a little IQ and Math. Good luck!

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