Did you study for the ACT or was studying for the SAT enough to do well on the ACT?

Question:also putting into consideration that the ACT is graded diffrently and that there is a scienceportion?, does everyone typically do better on that?
will i do okay on the science part if im taking AP bio and chem?

also, would UCs gladly accept only the ACT?

I know where you're coming from because I did essentially what you're asking about. I prepared heavily for the SAT--tutors and the whole nine yards--and took it once. I got a 2150 and decided to get out while I was ahead.

I reluctantly signed up for the ACT after much persuasion and took it cold. I got a 32 composite, which is good, but in retrospect I could have prepared better for the ACT. On the ACT I got a 36 on reading and a 32 on math, which shows where the preparation for the SAT came in handy, but I got a 28 on science and a 30 on writing, both of which were different from anything on the SAT. I should have and could have prepared for these sections, which would have improved my score.

In the end, they are different tests which require different skills, so if you plan on taking both, I recommend you prepare for both, even if your primary focus is the SAT.
well, i got an 1890 on the sats. i didnt take the acts

well those are two entirely different tests, not only are they graded differently but they are made differently. they require different strategies. the SATs dont cover the same things as he act, so just studying for the SAT isn't enough. but a test prep book for the act. =)

and i do believe your science classes are a helpful prep for those sections
I studied more for the SAT than the ACT, because I took it first. For the ACT, I bought a review book and took a practice test for each section and only went over the type of question I got wrong. AP Bio and Chem are really helpful for the science section, even though no prior knowledge is needed. I was taking AP Bio with lab when I took the ACT and one of the questions was exactly like one of my labs.
I ended up getting equivalent scores on both SAT and ACT.
I didn't take the SAT, because most colleges that I am looking at (west coast, UC's included) were fine with just the ACT. I didn't study for the ACT, but I got a 33 my first time. The science section was my best score, a 36. At the time of my ACT test, I was in AP chem and phys, so I think you'll be fine.
My info is a bit old, but I took both without much prep, and the ACT was quite a bit easier. I did well on both, but got a couple of perfect scores on ACT sections. Back in the day, the colleges I went to in the midwest took the ACT, and for UCLA, I had to use the SAT.
You can do the ACT if you wish and send them to the UC system. They will accept it in place of the SAT, but also feel free to do both. Also take into account that in some states, one test is more popular than the other, so you might be driving 2-3 hours to get to a test session if you want to take the ACT and it is not common in your state.

Studying for the SAT is not entirely enough--there are a few additional topics in math that you need to learn. You also need to study up for the science section. And AP sciences won't help you that much with the science part--it's science reasoning only. I got a 4 on my AP Chem exam, but when I took a practice ACT exam, I ended up getting only a 19 on the science section, so naturally, I shied away from the ACT and did the SAT.

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