College help??!!?

Question:Does anyone know that how Comlubia College estimate SAT score? i mean how much i have to get on the SAT exam in order to attend that college? some advices please..

Do you mean Columbia? Well there is more than one Columbia College but you can look here and click on the one you want, then click on the arrow with SAT, AP, CLEP after it and it will tell you the average test scores.
They should publish the mean or avarage SAT score for their students
there are a book called best 360 college and university in us,the pages cover thousand and thousand of college and there are lot of info such as gpa,class size, how many people in each class, location,how many sat or act each college require,history, life in campus,.and you could find that book through library if there any,but barnes and noble pretty sure they have it.the price was 19.95 i think ,but not sure .is from princeton review.

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