Does anyone know about AP Tests?

Question:If so, do you know if it can be retaken if one is unhappy with their grade, like in the following year? Example- A Student in AP Spanish 5 retaking the AP spanish 4 exam and taking the AP Spanish 5 one as well. Thanks!

yes you can but then you will have to pay for the test again, which is like $83 and also you will have to study again.. with OTHER AP tests that you have this year.

i dont really know what youre talking about. is it AP spanish language and AP spanish literature? if so, go ahead and take them both!! hope this helped!
First off, there are only two AP Spanish exams; AP Spanish Literature and AP Spanish Language. No level BS. So your example sucks.

As for retaking it, I think its a waste of time. If you spent a full year taking the course and did bad on the exam, what makes you think you will do better a second time around?
I think you cant do that, I mean you can cancel your score and no college will ever have notice of it, but taking the same test the following year, I dont think that can be done.

Oh, and the guy above is right, there are just 2 of them: Sp. Literature and Sp. Language...

Could you answer please.??;...

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