GCSE results day worries?

Question:I'm recieving my results on the 23rd. The thing is, I'm worried I'll get a C or less for science and maths and I know if I do I'll disappoint my mum because she has high expectations. Not to mention how overshadowed I'll feel by my friends, who are extremely clever. Does anyone have anything comforting to say? haha

you know what. its already been marked. and its all been graded. infact they probably been printed for you to read. so why worry, when its all been done? worrying will get you no where.

all you do now is prepare yourself. prepare for the worse (look for alternate pathways if you dont get your grades). preparing yourself means that if you get the grades you didnt want it wont be that hard hitting. but if you get what you wanted then it'll be ok. its a win win situation.

good luck
calm down, my brother just took his gcse's and he couldn't care less. unless he got and E in i.c.t(job, college)
just calm down, you did your best right thats all that matters!
Don't worry! You can always re-sit!!
Whats that picture all about then?

Edit; Your Mum will love you anyway and your friends will too!
No pressure! Good luck.

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