Exams vs. Continuous project work...?

Question:I am curious about the relevance of exams when compared with project work.

I have been someone who has no problems getting full marks during college in project work however if I had to sit an exam on a subject I generally only get a mediocre grades (low B's at best) in comparison to the project.

Does this then mean I lack the intelligence/ability to learn for exams? Am I learning incorrectly? I don't panic for exams.

Say I do a project on subject X and get and A+ and do an exam on the same project and get a C+ then someone else gets a C+ doing the project on X and gets an A+ in the exam...who knows the subject better? Hypothetically...

Or can it be taken that to get an A+ in the exam you would almost certainly get an A+ in the project.

I think that it depends on what percentage the project or the exam is worth? If either is worth more than the other, than it's best to do well on the one that affects your grade the most.
I think that you should ask you professor's opinion on this.
exams are very relevant.. idk what ur trying to do but maybe you should talk to ur professor. is it becuase youre nervous about the curve? ?? i dont understand. projects you have more time. idk

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