Do colleges look at STAR testing scores from 9th grade?

Question:If so how do they use it for the students to get into college?
Do they also look at 7th and 8th grade testing?

STAR testing is irrelevant to colleges. They are more concerned with high school testing, such as ACT and SAT. Also your grades are important, obviously.
they look at your high school testing, not junior high and you are going to want to start applying for colleges yourself at the end of your junior year mayb beginning of your senior year. The better the test scores the better chance you have of getting in. Good luck!
Colleges mainly look at your GPA and standardized test scores like the SAT and/or the ACT, which you normally decide to take in 11th or 12th grades. Anything you did in middle or junior high does not really count.
colleges start checking out your grades once you enter high school in 9th grade. then use it to see your progress. to see if you kept a good grade or even if you had a bad one and improved from there. if the colleges like your work over the years then they will probably accept you. they look over a period of years which is your high school years. if they just see one year that you were bad in, then they wont accept you. but if they look at it over a period of years and see how you were bad one year and good the next then they will want to accept you because of your improvements, THAT is why They start checking your grades all the way from 9th grade in high school.

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