Do people overestimate their IQ?

Question:In every internet discussion about IQ, almost everyone claims to have an IQ above the 95th percentile, most over 99th percentile. Either people are lying, misled by fake internet IQ tests, or these discussion forums attract those who really do have very high IQs (or a mix). Since we know that IQ correlates with SAT scores as well as one IQ test correlates with another, I want those of you who claim super high IQs to compare their SAT score with their supposed IQ score. See this chart for reference.

There are different charts for the different SAT tests administered. Chose the correct one. Did they correlate well?

Of course people overestimate their IQs!
Well, and people who trust online results are just laughable-- many of those tests, if I were to guess, intentionally give people higher results so that they will feel good about the test they took and about that website and so they keep coming back to it (any of the major quiz sites that people like to use-- is the first one that comes to my mind). In any case, they give completely inaccurate results for any real purpose and are just for fun--which you already know-- but people don't seem to realize that!
But, that said, my IQ score on some of those tests (I've gotten anywhere from 135 to 153 on different online tests, lol) correlates pretty well with my SAT score (2270: 800 critical reading, 690 math [should have studied more], and 780 writing). I wish I could find a chart specifically for the NEW SAT, though. Because when I took the old SAT (one of the last times it was even offered) I was barely 15 and hadn’t even been through all of Geometry or Algebra 2-- 710 verbal, 550 math the first time (freshman in high school); 690 verbal, 650 math the second time (sophomore). Here are a few other converters: , . I like that last one because it separates the SAT verbal from the combined score... because, like anyone and everyone, I want to think my IQ is higher than it really is and I can pretend either that my critical reading score on the new one is the same as the old verbal section, or that by the time I was 18 and took the SAT for the last time my score on the verbal would have been higher. But there I can also use my ACT score-- 35--to look at IQ, which does look nice for me… however, if I use this ACT/SAT (math+verbal) comparison from College Board (and they would know, right?) that makes it even higher, by your chart or the other ones… so, yeah: I just really want to think that my IQ is higher than it really is. Who doesn’t?
I'd say that most of the people who claim high IQs online aren't quite lying, but rather are using wishful thinking as the source of their purported IQs, as well as untrustworthy online results and a desire to look smarter...
some people think they'er smarter than they are. but those people are alittle how would you say it not so smart
it is because all of the scores that are reported come from invalid I.Q. tests that populate the Internet.

If they really got those scores through valid means, they would not have to ask if their scores are good because a psychologist would have explained what their results mean.
If given a choice of test scores on largely internet based (therefore not valid or reliable) is anyone going to choose the low one?

IQ testing is a complex thing, and the tests get re-normed regularly, so that a 110 this year, right before the test gets re-normed, is a 105 or 100 next year.

IQ score, especially on Internet tests, is really related to family income (as is SAT and many other achievement scores - you get more experiences you get better scores - if you have more money you get more experiences . . . ) as much as anything.

A real IQ test is an expensive and interesting thing, and psychologists will often only tell you a range score, like 'moderately high' or some such.
IQ tests are unreliable. I got a 115 IQ score when I read through the questions thoroughly, and I got a 99 when I didn't read them at all. I mean it.NOT AT ALL. I just chose randomly and hoped for a good outcome. Not much difference there. If it is on a 0 to 200 scale, then the lowest I could've made was a 1 for not reading any of the questions! A 99 is below the average by one point...and that's for what? Not reading anything and guessing?

I could take it twenty times and take the best score, which could be a 150 if I decided to narrow things down and "find" the right answer for a question I had no clue about.

As for the people who "overestimate" their IQ...I don't see the point. Come on! An 11 year-old getting an IQ of 134? Who is to say he didn't sit at the computer for hours randomly choosing answers?

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