Does a good AP score make up for a bad SAT II score?

Question:I don't know how this happened but I got a 550 on the SAT II world history but I got a 4 on the AP exam. Does the AP score compensate for the SAT II score?

No, because AP and SAT's are for different things. AP scores are used in determining college credit, but are useless unless you actually get into college with your SAT's. You should either retake your SAT World History, or not submit that test score.
The two are really unrelated. SAT I or II helps you get into the school, AP test helps you skip that class (depending on school). Good luck
I never took the SAT II, but I did take several AP tests, and I noticed while applying to college that not all of them even cared if I took the test, or what I got on it, they didn't even look at the score. You can retake the SAT II though, right? I'm not saying every school is the same, I'm sure there are schools that will look at your AP score and realize you probably just let your nerves get the best of you for the other test. The one thing I noticed is the AP test does not mean the school will accept it as credit. Some schools don't accept it at all, others accept it towards elective credit. Basically everything is up to the college, but I know they depend A LOT on the standardized testing, not so much AP scores, since not everyone everywhere has the opportunity to take the AP classes.
It doesn't make up for it, but it does look good, 550 is not bad, not good but not bad, it wont compensate but you should still be fine, they look at passing an AP test as something good.

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