College/ SAT help!?

Question:i am studing for the Sats and im nervous because i wanted to get accepted to Hunter College which is in New York! Are there any websites where it gives you Practice for the SATS?

i dont know about websites, but got to barnes and noble. there are sat prep books.
Not that I know of. I suggest you get a big *** 600 pg book or two like I did. It worked for me... Got an 1880
The SAT book will be good, to help also try to take an SAT prep class, that helped me.
Hunters is an awesome school! I am probably going to apply there as I'm a senior.

I think you should first do a free test. You can get a free PSAT from your guidance office or you can buy The Official SAT Study Guide which has real tests and its about $20. If you do well, then you're set. Otherwise, sign up for an online course or something like that. I used and it worked pretty well for me but there are others out there - do you research but avoid Kaplan and Princeton as everyone knows they are really average.

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