What should I study for my warranty tryout?

I know that I need to progress through the whole booklet, but is near anything I might not think to study? Can you remember any of the question from your test? If so type them so I can enjoy practice questions.

I live surrounded by Kentucky by the way.

Answers:    Most of the question are pretty much common sense so you should be capable of answer them right away, it wouldn't hurt to just read through the book once or look over section that you're not 100% for sure on. When I took the test, the solely questions I missed be silly mistakes. I live in Tennessee so it's not that far away, and I can't see why it would be much different...

Good luck!
I surmise that if you study the book carefully later you'll do good on the oral exam. I studied the book only and I merely 1 question wrong. Just study everything within the book.

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