Gat a 1690 on My SAT' this good?

Question:I took a SAT Prep course over the summer...i took an SAT and got a 1690. I'm going to be a junior next year...Is this good?

Also, on my PSAT's in Sophomore year I got a 156.How is this in relation to my SAT score? Does this mean that on my next PSAT I will get a 1690?

Any information will help...Thanks

Hey there,

Your score of 1690 is better than average. The average on the SAT exam is 1500. Thus, you were 190 points above average. Although your score was above average, it is not a great score. If you are planning on applying to any of the prestigious schools across the country, I would highly recommend that you prep more for the exam. As aids for studying for the SAT exam, try using's sat guide and the princeton review's sat guide. sells its guide for only 10 dollars, and it written by two students who scored a 2400 and a 2350 on the exam. The Princeton Review's sat guide sells for about 15 dollars, and helps students tackle problems they are unfamilar with. Let me know if you need any more help and/or info.

They should give you the percentile that you achieved, I'm not positive but I think that a 1690 is around the 70th percentile.
That is GREAT!! That's almost as high as you can get.
you have a good question..i like to know too..

take care ...thanks.
im not too sure about the relation between the SAT score and the PSAT, but you have time to retake the SAT again, so try studying for it more and retaking it if its not in your range. try looking at colleges that you are interested in, and look at their average scores. it might help you decide to retake it or not. good luck =)
It's average.

A perfect SAT I is 1600, while a perfect SAT II is 2400.

Try taking more SAT prep classes and really do the work, don't slack off.
Practice test aren't always completely reliable, since it's hard to simulate the actual testing environment. The official PSAT is a better indicator, to a certain extent-- but you'll have to take it and see. You might do better or worse than the practice test you took, but having taken a prep course you'll certainly do better than you did last year! Btw, your 1690 would look like 169 on the PSAT. Add a 0 to your PSAT score to see what it might be on the SAT: 156=1560.
Since 1500 is about average ( ) a 1690 is above average. I'd say that around 1800 would be a "good/great" score, but that's my personal assessment-- your score is certainly above average! And since those averages are for ALL the students taking it, including a lot of seniors and such, you're score is pretty good!
Good luck!
no , of course not the score you got is 200 hundred more than an american ,cause dthe average for sat was 500 on verbal,mathand writing section.psat is a test before real sat test .psat is related to sat .just add one 0 to your psat on your back of first three digit.

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