Critical thinking!!critical reading SAT?

Question:hey plz help me i am in the SAT i am good in writting and math but i cannot answer good in critical reading what is the fastest and easiest way to score for the coming test(october) and i am a begginer, i mean in the passages in vocab. i am learning new 15 words everyday and if u have a good words plz tell or give a link i use barons high freq.
i just need much help in small and long passages.
i might only answer 2 correct answers in the long passages hlp thx :-0

Read through the passage quickly the first time, getting the overall meaning, and underlining any words or phrases that you think are important. When encountering questions that ask for specific sections, go back and read that section as well as a few sentences before and after it. Your notes could also come in handy at this time. Also when dealing with 2 passages, read 1 and answer its questions, then read the 2nd one and answer the questions on it and the two of them. Don't read both then answer the questions because it's really easy to get the two confused.

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