If you grasp a request for information wrong on the SATs you grasp 1/4 of a point taken bad, right?

So wouldn't it be better to NOT answer the question if you're undeniably sure that you'll get it wrong??

im asking because im taking the SATs tomorrow.

gratitude in credit to those who give suitable advice =]

Answers:    Yes, you are correct. And yes, if you're sure that you'll grasp it wrong, you should definitely go off it blank. However, you can't be 100% sure that you'll get a interrogate wrong if you don't know what the real answer is, and contained by that case, you should probably put the solid answer down. If you have no belief, you only enjoy a 80% chance of getting it wrong.

Essentially, the together 1/4 point rule is to completely nullify the advantages of guessing when you don't know what the answer is. Randomly bubbling in the answers is statistically neither going to support you nor hurt you. Let's say that you impulsively bubbled in 5 question. Statistically speaking, you would have gotten one of those right. That's one point for you. However, the other four are wrong. So you lost 4*(1/4)=1 point. So you get one point and lost one point for a net gain/loss of 0 points. The same point would have happen if you hadn't answered any of them.

However, if you are able to get rid of even one answer choice, you've then decrease your chances of getting it wrong, which make it in your statistical favor to guess between the remaining viable answers.
lol it is similar to the guessing process if you dont know the question. you might want to guess if you dogmatic down to 2 or 3 choice!

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