Can I see my AP exam grades online?

Question:Or, as Collegeboard's website seems to give me every reason to believe, must I wait until I get it in the mail? I still haven't gotten it yet.

No, you can't see them online-- which does suck. (If you could, it would be on College Board's website.) And College Board does say that you should wait until the first of September, and if you still don't have your scores you can contact AP Services. Like the person above said, as soon as school starts if you're still in high school, you should be able to ask you counselor; if you were a senior, then if you sent scores to colleges you might check if they have them yet. You still might be able to call in and get your scores by phone, for $8 and assuming you either have your AP number or gave them your SSN. And you could probably go ahead and call AP Services to see if they can tell you anything about them, and about why you haven't gotten your results.
if you haven't gotten it by now you're going to have to wait for school to start and ask your teachers or councelor
You can get your grades via phone. Here is how:
1. Dial 1-888-308-0013
2.Have your Social Security Number/Birthdate or AP Number/Birthdate available.
3. Have a credit card and pay the $8 fee.
4. Listen to your scores. You have to press "9" inbetween each individual score.

You should probably call AP Student Services to see why you didn't get your grades yet. I got mine July 6th.
Just wait for it in the mail.
It takes forever, I know, but they'll get there.
No, you can't get AP scores online. If you really want to know what you got right now, you can call and receive your scores by phone, but that costs $8. It's kind of strange that you haven't gotten them yet, though. If you don't have your scores by the end of August, you need to contact the College Board. That information can be found in your AP Student Pack if you've kept that since May.

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