Do you have to be a genius to get a good score on the SAT?

Question:Why is it that I've been studying for SO LONG for the SAT,and my score is still...HORRIBLE, whereas, some people don't even study, and they have like...2200's on their SAT's? I wonder how this is possible...

Yeah, some people are just good at tests (sorry-- I'm one of them; that doesn't make me any smarter than a lot of the people who do poorly like you, just better at tests). A lot of people are really smart, but just don't test well.
This is especially true of the SAT, which seems to largely be a test of how good you are at the SAT. Since it's so important (though not the only important thing) in college admission, it also becomes a matter of who STRESSES about the SAT and who doesn't-- if you go into the thing worried and anxious, you aren't going to do as well. Take a deep breath and try to think about it as just a test. (For whatever reason, I personally just don't FEEL stress during a test-- I pent it up and stress and worry and rend garments AFTER the test until I get my scores back, lol.)
I don't know what to tell you other than to keep practicing. Take practice questions, and try to look at how the questions are formed. The SAT is just a different way of thinking. Use your practice test scores to tell you where your weaknesses are, and find specific information to help you with those weaknesses. I wish you luck!
You just havent developed the skills for it. There are many different strategies to attack these kinds of questions. For instance, if you didn't know, on the writing section, Sentences beginning with "Being That" or "Being." will always be wrong no matter the circumstance.
Sometimes people are just naturally better at taking tests. This isn't to say that they are really smart; its just that they have more instinct when taking tests. Also, a big part of doing well on the SAT is knowing a bunch of tricks and strategies.

Don't worry, your SAT score should not be the most important part of your application. While a lot of colleges like to see a high score, most put a higher priority on essays, grades, references and your educational history.
oh shat

the ability to score highly on an SAT means that...uh...a person can do well on a written test.

the ability to do well in life involves a whole bunch of different skills.

the greatest gift is happines. there is not a standardized test for that.
no way! maybe you need to rethink your studying habits. you could get a tutor, but you definitely do NOT have to be a genius to get a good score.

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