Can anyone give me some advice on the GED test?

Question:i have been taking classes for my ged test and some days i do really good and im on the ball, but some days i cant comprehend ****, i will read something and then forget it right after i read it, or when im doing a math problem i will do it wrong and get really frustrated, and then once im frustrated i get nervous and it messes me ALL up, these tests are timed and i think i can pass it on a good day, but if im having one of those days when im taking the test, im not so sure........

Sounds like you're panicking, and then your brain freezes. Practice positive affirmations: watch your self-talk. When you start to get tense, give yourself a pep talk. Breathe deeply and calm down.

If you fail the test the first time you take it, you can take it again. You WILL get it if you don't give up.

Talk to yourself in your mind like you would talk to a friend who's having trouble: be kind, patient, and encouraging. If you come down hard on yourself every time you make a mistake, you just make your difficulties worse.

Get good sleep and good nutrition. Exercise helps your mind too. You'll be alright. You don't have to be perfect to pass, so don't panic.

Remember to make an educated guess on answers you're not sure about. Answer every question, because there are no points marked off for wrong answers, and your guess may end up being right. Try to eliminate the most obvious wrong answers and choose from the remaining choices.

Practice being peaceful and remaining calm. Pray to God for help. He cares about you.
I can tell you that when you write your essay use sensory details in your support, i.e., show instead of tell in your examples. Use your senses when describing and use active voice whenever possible. These are just a few examples for your essay. Of course, you need to first consider what you want to be your thesis. You can freewrite to begin this process and then decide on a concise topic to be supported in your "body" paragraphs.

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