Drug Testing Question?

Question:Does a drug test in drug court differenciate between drugs?
Do they do seperate tests for every drug?
Can they test you for Alcohol and marijuana if you've only been charged w/ xanax?
Or it it one test that comes out + or - not matter what drug it is?

They can order you to be tested for anything they think they can prove you might be using, or have used recently.

Tests for alcohol and drugs are completely separate. If they want to test for both, they will run two tests on you. For all other drugs, they will only make you take one type of test, but they can check that test for several different drugs. Labs that process the drug tests charge for every drug they run the test on so usually you are only subjected to a 3, 5, or 6 panel drug test (a test that will detect 3,5, or 6 specific types of drugs), and then only the drugs that are specifically marked on the drug test chain of custody form are specifically tested. That is to say that a drug test kit that tests for Marajuana, Cocain, and Heroin may only actually be checked for Marajuana because the person/company that actually pays for the test doesn't want to spend the extra money to get the other two drugs tested for.

For specialty drugs, they generally require a special drug test kit, though the procedure for collecting it (usually either urine, blood, or hair) is the same so the end user wouldn't know the difference. These tests are usually more expensive.

They do have saliva drug tests now where you chew on a stick for few minutes so that the stick will collect a large enough sample of saliva to be tested. These are more expensive than urine tests and aren't widely used yet.
I am not too informed on how it really works, but I know that regardless of the charge, and they drug test you, they will find alcohol and marijuana.

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