Early decision and Early Action?

Question:These are the dates that I am taking the tests for college applications:

Test Around what date

PSAT October of Junior Year

SAT Subject Test: Chemistry December of Junior Year

SAT Subject Test: Biology November of Junior Year

SAT March of Junior Year

ACT April of Junior Year

If I were to apply for a college early decision, the acceptance letters come in by January. If I dont take all the required tests by January, would this effect my acceptance into a college under early decision?? Thanks to everyone who tried to help.

Yes--you will be automatically rejected if you apply early and don't attempt to take the tests in time.

Your timetable looks alright.

I suggest you add a second attempt at the SAT and/or the ACT in the early part--September or October--of your junior year.

Also, you can take 3 SAT Subject Tests on the same day. You'll probably want to cahnge one of your sciences to Math (depending on the college). If the colleges to which you apply don't require a Math Subject test, you could take a Subject test in another area, but don't let all your subject tests be in Science.

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