Can we still take the ACT during senior year if we don't satisfied with the junior year's score ?

Yes. You can take it as much as you want, just be sure to take the September or October test of your senior year so that you have plenty of time to apply for colleges with your highest score. I got a 31 in April, a 34 in June, and I'm taking it again in September.
You can take it as many times as you want. I think you can even take it after you graduate, but once you start developing a college transcript it really doesn't mean anything. I recommend taking it as many times as you can. Sometimes you luck out and get a test that is easier for you. I took it 3 times and pulled a 27 on the first and a 33 on the last. Good Luck!
Perhaps you can but unless your score is really low it isn't worth it. The test centers publish information on the statistics of people who retake the test. The odds say that about 95% of people who retake the test and scored above a 25 the first time only improve their score by 1 point. Many of them also get the same score or 1 point less.
Good colleges are starting to drop a standardized test from their list of requirements because they are no longer a good representation of student ability any way. Your ACT scores probably don't matter as much as you think they do. Your grades and the types of classes you took in high school matter a whole lot more than your ACT scores. Getting great grades your senior year would make a bigger difference than scoring another point or two on the ACT.
yes. but the sooner the better so sign up for the october 27th test date by september 21 to ensure that you'll get you scores in time for college applications.

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