Can GMAT scores be substituted for GRE scores?

Question:Not sure if I want to do an MBA or another program. What if I take the GMAT and later decide I would like to apply to another graduate program that requires GRE? Would I have to take GRE or could I use GMAT scores as the entrance exam?

I was in a similar boat about three years ago - and VERY few schools are willing to take tests for other programs as acceptable admission requirements. I ended up taking the LSAT, GMAT and GRE (and a few subject tests). Ocassionaly some business schools will allow the use of the GRE in lieu of the GMAT, but it is rare (especially with some of the better programs).
The best thing to do: call the coordinators of the programs directly and ask them what they can do. Sometimes they will be willing to allow different tests on a case by case basis.
Generally most universities only accept test scores less than 5 years old so don't take the tests too soon.

Make a decision first then take the test so as not to lose your time and money.

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