Does college board average s.a.t scores?

Question:I took my s.a.t 1 time and didn't do as well as i would have liked to have done. So I'm going to take it again.Will they take the better of my two scores or just average them out?

I worked in admission at a selective liberal arts college for four years and worked with a lot of students in your situation.
The College Board will not average the scores - they will submit to the colleges a score report that has all of your test results on it from all tests you have taken. It is then up to the indivdiual college to determine how to proceed with multiple scores.
Many colleges will take the highest possible composite score - meaning if you scored higher on the math from your first testing and higher in the critical reading on your second testing, they will use those two scores. Very few will actually average out the scores.
I suggest talking directly to the college admission counselors at the institutions you are looking at - they will all have their own unique policy about multiple tests.
At my school, we never looked negatively on a student who took the test more than once, and were always pleased when a student was able to show that s/he cared enough about getting into our school that s/he was willing to test again.
College board does not average scores; it merely reports them.

On the other hand, some colleges will take the better of your scores.
Who's 'they'? The college you're applying to? Some colleges will take the best of both your tests(for instance, one test you get a 620 in math, with a total score of 1840. and the next time you take the test you dont do as well in math, say a 580, but your overall score is higher, at 1960. Some colleges will take the 620 from the other test and combine that with the rest of your higher scoring test, 1380.) other colleges will only take the best overall score. The College Board will score your second SAT exactly the same way they scored the first one. It doesnt matter how many times you take the test, they still use the same scoring method.
college board will only choose one sat score that are the best and send them to the college you assign

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