Can you name some novels that was used on the ap literature exam this year?

Question:which authors do you recommend?

You can see the novels used on the free response questions (with the questions themselves) from this last year here: . For question 3, the open question, I used 1984 which wasn't on the list.
You can do a search for "AP English suggested reading" online, and find some good lists: , .
I personally recommend The Picture of Dorian Gray (it's a good and fun read) and Candide (it's short and very funny if you understand the satire). 1984 is a GREAT novel for the open-ended question on the AP test; so is The Scarlet Letter for the basic themes. If you need a different take on philosophy for that question if it's more abstract, use Camus' The Stranger and absurdism-- the book all about showing absurdism, so it's easy to identify and use the author's purpose. And I personally enjoyed all of the books I've mentioned. :)
oh wow. i took the exam this past may and got a 5. i dont really remember the exact books on it though. although i think there was a peice of poetry by virginia woolf .
the books i read for my AP lit class really helped though.

The Stranger by camus
Metamorphosis by Kafka
Noted from the underground by Dostoyevsky
Siddhartha by hesse
The women warrior by Hong
Heart of darkness by conrad
King Lear by Shakespeare

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