Are These Results Good ?

Question:Maths - A B C
Geography - C
Biology - C
Chemistry - D
Physics - D
Food Technology - A
Business Studies - B
English Lang - B
English Lit - C
Re - A

Are those results good enough to study Law ?

those look horrible
Yes, they are good and you are on the road to be able to study law. Next, you need to pass your A-levels.

It all depends on what university you wish to study law at, some of the lower rated uni's will accept minimum pass A-levels!
Im not sure
I think these results are amazingly good! Better than what i got and im studying counselling now... i'm pretty sure you will walk straight into a law course!

Good Luck and well done for all that effort you must have put in! remember to relax a little before you work that hard again!
They look good enough to me but I'm old and its been along time since I got my grades and I'm sure they've changed lol (i'm not over the hill though lol)
Oh Please. Stop Boasting. Some Of Us Failed. I Got:
averagee or above average
Not really. You look like you have more potential to go into Culinary Arts Management.

Lawyers need really good reading skills!
overall good but i think both the englishes and sciences would need to be higher
When you go to sixth form study English, History, Law (if available) and Psychology.
You can do a law degree with no gcse's. Open University. It does the first stage of the educational training. You can get your LLB with them.
Your results look ok to me though.
They are okay, it's your A levels that count. So study hard for them
I got 5 a's 3 b's and 2 c's, went on to get 4 d's at A level and no one would even give me the time of day for law with those results. However, that was a loooooooong time ago, things change, so maybe, but you'll need 3 a*'s plus at a level to have a hope

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