Do you need to take an exam to enroll in Driver's Education classes?

Question:I'm signed up and ready to take Driver's Ed in my town now that I'm 16, but I know I won't pass an eye exam. I can't read far off distances and have never worn glasses. I plan on making an eye appointment and getting glasses before the class ends because I know I need to pass the eye test to receive my license.

I just can't afford glasses for the next few weeks. My classes begin in September, will they not let me participate?

You should be able to take the classroom lessons, but you need a learner's permit to take the road lessons, and you shouldn't be able to get one without passing an eye exam. (Different states have different requirements, but it's scary if any of them don't require that as a basic minimum!)
no, They will let you participate.
Well in my state there are two sections to the Drivers Education class. The first part is purely classroom stuff where they teach you all the rules of driving and other stuff. The next part is the driving section of the class. There is usually a 3 week- 3 month wait period between the two sections of the classes, however, the eye tests are done at the end of the classroom section. You dont necessarily need them for the classroom stuff, but you will definetely need them for the last 2-3 days of class because that is when they do testing.

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