Can I get some information of IQ tests?

Question:Hi, I took an online IQ test from It said I scored 117, and I am 15. Is that even possible? I think Below 70 is not average, 70-105 is average and above is gifted.

I would like to take an accurate one, does anyone know where I could find one? Not online but does school do it for free? I have always been curious. I know I am smart but just curious. Thanks!

The average IQ falls on a bell curve from 90 to 110, with 100 being the mean and most prevalent. 70 is considered mentally retarded, not extremely but moderately. 117 is considered an above average IQ. Congrats!

The school has probably already given you an IQ test at some point and you didn't realize it. Ask your school counselor (or have a parent ask) to see your records; specifically, your test scores. You may have one on file already.

The internet IQ tests are moderately accurate but not as well as a thorough person to person IQ test. The internet test showed mine at 133 but when I took one from the psychology department at the university it showed an average 128 (120 performance/136 verbal). A bit of variation. You have two IQ scores which are averaged together.

Good luck in your search :)
I am familiar with the Tickle test, and consider it valid. Also see, which also appears to be valid. There are numerous books and other published tests, and for best results, several should be done and the results averaged. An IQ of 117 is well above average -- better than 84% of the population at large. Not at all bad.
Online tests are not accurate at all. If you want a real test you and your parents could talk to your school's school psychologist.

An average score on a US IQ test is 85-115. Gifted is about 130+. Mental retardation is about below 70.

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