AP Physics or AP Biology?

Question:I'm a senior high school IB student. I'm already taking Chemistry. I took a physics class (not AP) my sophomore year. Should I take either AP Physics or AP Biology? I'm thinking about engineering, maybe biomedical. Which one is better? Are they really hard classes? Plus I hear that AP Physics doesn't help with engineering.

I have taught the Physics AP/IBHL course. Yes, it is challenging. We used the same textbook and assignments that the local university used so that the students got the same education as a student enrolled in Engineering Physics in college. If you have already taken or are currently enrolled in Calculus, go for the Physics AP. However, if you do not have strong math skills, go for the Biology AP. Both should be challenging if the teacher is going to prepare you for the AP exam. But both will have topics that will be touched on (reinforced) in your chemistry class. When I taught Chemistry AP many of my students would say "hey, we learned this in Biology" or "we already learned this in Physics". I wouldn't say one is "better" than the other since you will probably be required to take lots of science in college for either engineering or biomedical.

Best wishes on your AP exams!!
Personally, I'd take the Biology, because regardless of what engineering you go into, you'll need a science credit thats outside your major, such as biology 1 or chemistry 2. I'm in a mechanical engineering program and physics one was one of the most important classes I ever took. It introduced Newtons laws and vectors, which you use in every single engineering class. I'd would not recommend AP physics because you want to learn it at the college you are going to because they will teach it at the level you'll be expected to know it at. Both classes really aren't that bad and be a good prep for college.
i just took the AP test for biology 3 months ago and i got a 5.
i never took AP physics but i do know for a fact that it is hard.
my opinion is that you take AP bio since you are more likely to get a better score on it

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