As/A Level results?

Question:Hiya guys!

So if you've got your Exam results today how did you do? Did u get into the university you wanted to go to? I hope you all did well and got what you wanted.

My daughter got
1= A
1 =B
3 = C's
She was pleased but not the results she expected the ones she thought she did well in and the one she hates she did the best so has to re think what she is going to do for A level final year.
I am pleased for her as a mom and well done to everyone who sat exams I know how hard you have all had to work.
HI! I got my AS results, i got A's in all my subjects! 3 A's!! Im sooooooooooooooo happy, all that hard work payed off! Now i can enjoy the 2 remaining weeks of my holidays!
I got my AS Results today. I got 2 A's and 2 B's. Im pleased.
Hope things are just as well next year when i get my A Level results if not better.

Hope you all did alright!!
I got my A2 results, got all A's and got into first choice uni so im very happy!
I got ABB. I DID get into my first choice but I really actually wanna go UCL but I applied for my ucas too late so i couldn't :(

But now I'm going brunel, and they're offering me a full scholarship so I guess that's okay.

What about you?

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