Are all 'A' level achievers blonde/caucasian (UK question...)?

Question:Been watching the various news programmes/papers throughout the day, and we are told that educational results have improved this year also...fair enough, but as long as I can remember, we are shown pretty blonde (natural or dyed) lasses jumping up and down with glee...facing cameras, naturally, with what looks like 'sheets' telling them their results. But come the rest of the year, they are seen as 'simpletons' by the same media, and are treated like the rest of us!
Are males (of any or otherwise), and lasses who are not, in media-speak 'sexy' - or ugly boogers of either sex - who are also shiners in education not allowed to join the comical British media circus, telling the world that our best educated kids all look like some (blonde) sweety out of a soap opera?

Let me get this straight, you're asking if ugly people are allowed to be smart(your question meanders like a drunken elephant)?

If that is the case, then yes, ugly people can be smart, your looks have very little impact on your intelligence.

However, other people's perceptions of your ability to succeed, etc. are highly based upon your looks/attractiveness. (Such a cruel world we live in.)
Those damned Anglo-Saxons took my people's land 1600 years ago. We were a mix of Celts and Romans. After the Romans left, us original islanders got our land taken away by those blonde bastards.
my daughter is a very beautifull dark haired girl who achieved 3 a passes in her a levels so the answer to your question is no
Apparently even at Imperial College they still cant spell!
Asians work the hardest actually (at least in my experience).

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