Does taking and passing an AP exam raise the letter grade you got in the class or does it just raise the GPA?

Question:like if you had a B in AP Biology and then you pass the AP exam for biology will your B becoma an A on your transcript, and will it just increase your GPA and the letter grade will remain the same?

That depends on your teacher. Usually nothing happens. If you passed then you get college credit, but your B still remains a B unless your teacher decides to change it. I had an English teacher who told us if we passed our exams, he would raise our grades, so a B in this case would be changed to an A on the transcript, so basically, go ask your teacher.
It probably depends upon the high school. When I graduated, the AP tests did nothing for your GPA or letter grade. You weren't even required to take the AP test if you were in an AP class.

In the same high school, but 8 years earlier when my brother graduated, his AP classes helped his GPA. (An A in the class was like a 5.0 instead of a 4.0). It still didn't change his letter grade, but GPA is more important. I doubt that college admissions has time to look at individual classes.
they don't do anything, they just show that you received credit for the course.
nothing changes. the ap grade is totally separate.
Your AP test scores have nothing to do with your school grades or GPA.

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