After GCSE course, can i enter university?

Question:i wrote GCSE exams this year, and right now i'm waiting for
my results. i don't know if i did well or not but anyway if i pass
can i enter the university?

To go to uni directly from school/college you need A levels. However if you are over 21 you will be classed as a mature student and they may possibly accept you even if you have been out of studying for a while or don't have Alevels, but it depends very strongly on the uni. I would recommend you do A levels as the level of work for a degree is extremely different from GCSEs,.
You have to go to college. Unless you are 21, you won't be accepted into Uni.
No - in Scotland you need good Standard Grade Results (GCSE) then 5 Highers, A or Bs (A-Levels) to get into uni
Not directly (usually). You will have to go to 6th form college to otain AS/A2 qualifications. These will help you get into university.
No, to apply for university you need to have done A-levels which attract UCAS points. Depending on the course you apply for at uni depends on how many UCAS points you need and your A-level results will tell you how many UCAS points you have (more for an A grade, less for an E grade). As far as I'm aware GCSE's dont attract UCAS points.
no you will either need to do a-levels first or do an access course to go to university
Not if they see this question. When you keep referring to your self the i should be I a capital letter. So they will think you are illiterate.
You need to cut out the A-level coupons from the back of the cereal packets.
Afraid NOT. You need to do A-levels first or be over 18.
No, you need to go to college and do A Levels to get points for university. Your GCSE grades will allow you to get into college, which is the next port of call if you are thinking of going to uni.
you have to go to college first!
but only to do your A levels and if you get the result you
need you can go to Uni!
no go to college first for your a-levels

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