A-level results?

Question:Ize a bit peed orf as i onry got twenny seven A's. I dont fink thay marked em proper, tay woz ded ard n all

My hamster just got 4 A-levels at A++++.

Pretty good considering he's been dead since 2005.
Your english is just terrible, thats why you didnt do so well mate
umm. yeah.
Don't you really?
Appeal to edexcel, they'll give you a few more as compensation for your emotional trauma!
I was disappointed that my daughter only got 5 A* (mind you she is only 4 years old)
I got 50 A stars an ize stil int primery skol.
Too bad, sorry. I agree they shouldn't have given you 27 A's. Judging by your spelling pretty much any other letter in the alfabet would have done as well.
I got my AS results today...yay :-p
only 27 A's u should be f-in pleased especially if they were hard
ize gott twenny nine A**'s. Funni fing woz I dident evan apply ta doo da A livels in da ferst place.

There is a serious point to this joviality and that point is that A-levels seem to be so easy nowadays. They have been really dumbed down in my (and a lot of other peoples opinions).
It is so easy to get them and go on to do a worthless "degree" in Media Studies and then go on to get a job out of the Guardian pages as a Multicultural and Ethnic Diversity Liaison Development Officer (£25k a year starting rate).
It's all about Government targets and ensuring the next generation of cushy jobbed Labour voters.
Noz wot yuo meen got neer the samme az yuo
I have worked in a science department of one of the London University colleges for more than 20 years, and am appalled at the poor standard of written English and understanding of mathematics. I think to myself, if this is the top few percent, what must the rest be like?

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