FE exam study materials?

Question:I will apply the FE exam next Oct.
I purchased from NCEES the sample questions & solutions book, also the CD for the practice problems.
Are theese two sources gonna be enough for me to be able to slove all the problems at the FE exam?
Are the questions at the exam will be similar to these sources?
If no, any advice?

It looks like you are off to a great start with your preparation.

In addition to the 2 sources you've mentioned, I suggest reviewing the basics in a specific subject area that you have not had much exposure to. For example, unless you happen to be a Chemical Engineering major you may not have thought about or used chemistry very much since you've taken general chemistry in your freshman year Similarly, non- Electrical Engineers need to refresh their memory on what EE/physics material they did learn.

In my experience, you should have little trouble with the sections of the exam in which you major is concentrated in (e.g., chemistry for ChEs). It's the sections that you have had little to no exposure to that will lower your score.

When I took the FE exam, I guessed at many of the "Electrical" questions. I only had 2 short courses (4 quarter hrs total) in EE type courses; I did not even recognize half of the circuitry symbols! However, I passed the exam the first time.

Good luck.

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