Are questions are the ACT highly similiar to those on the SAT?

Question:I am spending a ton of time preparing for the SAT, but I still have to take the ACT (which I am spending virtually no time preparing), and hope to get a good score on the ACT. I'm wondering whether preparing for the SAT would ensure success on the ACT as well because I suppose the questions are similiar?

They are similar, except for the fact that the ACT has a science section. This pretty tough for people familiar with the SAT only.. you might want to review for it a bit.
Check out, a test tutor web site. There is free tutoring for the ACT.
The ACT questions are somewhat different. The ACT includes a science section, so that is the most different aspect. Some like the ACT because there is no guessing penalty, unlike the SAT, however it just means wrong answers are treated differently when you think about it.

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