I would close to somebody not oh so critical to answer an SAT II cross-question?

I'm taking the Math I SAT tommorow and a Math II Sat In december. I've already taken Biology. Do you think colleges will see Math I and II as two different subject test? For example, Princeton requires 3 subject tests. Would this fulfill the requirements? I know this might be a dumb grill since Math I is a lower-level version of math II. I in fact haven't given much thought to my SATs and realized that I made a mistake by taking Math I when I could enjoy taken Math II.

Answers:    colleges see math I& II as the same subject. when colleges articulate they require 'three subject tests', they mean three test of different subjects. so your taking math I & II will count as ONE test.. big school like Princeton don't even count math I because it's so simple..
I dont hold the answer jus wanted to detail you I did the same...
I completed up taking both Math I and II today.. when I had prepared for Math I and approved to take Math II singular in the later 3-4 days.. after realizing I have made a mistake..

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