Does anyone know some tips for middle school.?

Question:Is the lunch better than elementary school lunch?
Are the tests really hard that you cry?
Also do you have a cooking class, sewing club , or a cheerleading squad?

Yes way better lunches!
the Test are probly a little harder!
No classes like that(al least where i am)
But yes there are cheerleaders.
DOnt freak out.Itll be ok.

Im going into 7th
It all depends on what school you go to.
But the tests- just study and be prepared.
The best advice I have is to be organized, and pay attention in your classes and you will be fine!
I'm a freshman this year and I'm nervous as ever!
For Lunch, you get a slighter bigger portion in middle school than elementary school. Not sure if the food will be better or not, I think all the schools in a town get their food from the same place. Tests weren't that hard. Clubs vary by where you live. My middle school only had like 2 clubs I think. We didn't even have cheerleaders or a dance team! You get more freedom in middle school, enjoy. :)
Relax. Every middle school is different. In a lot of school districts the whole district has a similar menu but maybe slightly larger portions. Are you new in the city? Can't you just ask someone who goes there? The tests will not make you cry unless you never bother to crack open a book, so make sure you do what you need to do. Read your assignments, do your homework, and just don't be so nervous about it. School isn't there to drive you nuts, it's there to help you be successful in a career and as a citizen.

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