Driving practical test at 3:30pm?

Question:i have a test at 3:30pm on a school day!
what shall i do!
how can i pass succesfully!

You asked something about driving yesterday too, just be calm. Its not a big deal. The test ona school day is no big deal either, all you do is get out of school a little early. Since its the beginning of the year, your not going to miss much. So get your parents to write you an excuse and then go to your driving exam.

I am not sure what your test will be like, but just remember what you learned from the book and what your parents taught you. Remember to use your turn signals, even before the exam starts, I failed my first time that way. I moved up to pick the guy up, and forgot to use them, since I was parked along side the road. I did the test and the guy failed me anyhow. The second time, I passed, I remembered what I forgot the first time, and then I did tell the cop that I heard she was a nice person. It was true, she passed me.

Anyhow, remain calm, and just look like you know what you are doing, but don't be cocky that the tester will think you are a Mr Know-it-all. Some tricks they may do is play with the radio, or play with other things in the car. Don't let it distract you.
Also, keep you hands at 10 and 2, and only take them off if you have to use your turn signals or wipers.
Parallel parking, use turn signals to show you are pulling over. Make sure you get close enough to the curb, without hitting it.
Three point turn, again, use turn signals. I am not sure what the rule is in your state, but with mine, you can back up twice on a three point turn, basically, its a five point turn, but just don't hit the curb.
If they take you on the interstate or a highway, use your turn signal to show you are coming into traffic. Remember the main flow of traffic has the right of way, but you need to speed up too, just don't floor it. When exiting, turn signal, and then brake to slow down.
I am not sure what else to tell you, just be calm, and pretend its your mom or dad in the car. If you make a mistake, correct it. Talk to the tester, don't ignore them. Don't get too distracted by asking lots of questions, but you can ask questions if they are married, or simple basic questions.
Oh, don't move the car until they have their seat belt on. Even if they tell you to go, tell them you can't move without the seatbelt on. They may try to trick you with that.

Again, good luck.
It's okay. Remain calm. Always check your mirrors especially when you're changing lanes or making turns. Look over your shoulder for just about anything. Be careful on left turns without a left turn arrow light. If someone runs a red light, USE YOUR COMMON SENSE and don't automatically follow, or make a turn if you're in the other lane (I know it's stupid, but it happened to someone I know). NEVER make a right turn on red light when you're taking the test. Remember to make sure your tester knows you're checking both streets at the stop sign intersections. Don't just look with your eyes, move your head. KNOW where the defroster, your headlights, your emergency brake, your emergency signals, etc. are.

Good luck! It'll be over before you know it.
Observations - perfect them!
Keep calm and drive normally, drive exactly how you do with your instructor.
Make sure you are reasonably good at all the manouvers.

Time should be ok. I personally would go for an early morning test but I dont like to think about things. You are obviously in 6th form or college or even uni. Certainly the 6th form I went to allowed time off for the practical driving test. If not, it wont hurt to take an hour or so out of an afternoon.

Also, take an hour lesson before the test.

Good luck.

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