A level results?

Question:Can this Government and teaching profession seriously expect us to believe that every year more and more people get top grade exam results because they try a little harder and are taught better.Give us a break the only ones stupid enough to believe this crap are the dumb mothers who are sitting the bloody exams.

obviously after 20 years teaching will get better and students will be able to do better, and you should stop being so critical of students now, as we work hard to get what we get, not anyone can go to college and come out with straight A's.. did you? if you didnt you are a big hypocrite, if you did, then what makes you think we cant? ,,,,if you took the tests that we just took, im pretty sue you wouldnt get past a d, plus what kind of person wants people to feel, someone with low self esteem such as yourself
This is only true because of the new technology and resources what become available. If the world used the same stuff for the last 20 years the grades would be balanced.
A Levels are harder than you think. People work damn hard year after year to receive the results they get. You should try and stop undermining their intelligence.
in january, take some a-levels, and then come back and tell us that we are really just thick. they are hard, even my mum says when she was at school she had never dont half of that stuff, it was more for degree level...and that was just for GCSE!

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