Do i get my ACT score from mail or from my school?

Question:If I choose to send my ACT score to my high school(during the online registeration section where it says..."I authorize ACT to send a report of my scores to this high school"), do I also get my score by mail from ACT center or do I need to go to my school to get "official ACT score paper"?

Yes, you automatically get a free score report sent to your mail 2-4 weeks afteri testing. The other two options are online score reports which means you can check your scores online. The ones that are sent to your high school are optional. What this means is that the ACT will be sent to your high school and your high school will use it to either send it to college search places so you will get targeted college mail or you can get the ACT report copy sent to colleges directly from you high school instead of sending a request to the ACT people.
I believe it comes in the mail.. it did for me
From mail. Thats why you give your address and stuff. At least that was a few years ago when I was in high school.
your act will most likely be delivered to ur home adress
By mail. Your school will receive it, but they are under no obligation or expectation to hunt you down or share it with you.
It will be mailed to your house but you can get it on the internet for a small fee at
it came in the mail
You will receive a score report in the mail, as will the school. If you get a perfect score, you and your school will receive a generic press release copy as well.

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