Can I be able to get into any Engineering graduate schools with these GRE scores?

Question:I really did bad in Verbal.
Here are my scores.

Verbal = 300
Quantitative = 640
I don't know my Analytical writing score yet, but I am very sure I did very well.

My GPA is 3.3
Should I even don't try to apply to any schools with these scores?
My field is Electrical Engineering.
Any answer will be appreciated!
Thank you.

If you apply to many universities you might get accepted somewhere. You never know what other randoms things universities could be looking for besides grades and testing scores.

Honestly, your numbers are not good. Verbal was horrible, average for engineering students is 468. Quantitative is not good for an engineering students. The average quantitative score for an engineering student is 719. A B+ GPA is not bad, but you have to remember that some of the students you are going to be up against to get into grad school are going to be very good students.

I think you have a chance. Don't give up, but don't think that it will be easy.

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