Does anyone have any tips for seventh grade?

Question:well i'm going into seventh grade in like 10 days any tips .i'm
sort of exited but when i think about it i sort of get scared.i don't trust my big sister because well she' my big ther anything i need to know

binder, pencils, pens, be organized. make sure you look nice. hair combed, deoderant is a must, like none of the ones here wore deoderant all year so my friends and i did them a favor and gave each a stick taped to their lockers... if you have uniforms, make sure to wash and iron them, daily. it does make a difference. if you don't have uniforms, jeans and cute t shirts become your best friends. just make sure they're washed and clean. a little make up is cute, a lot of make up makes you look like a whore. best bet. shades that match your skin tone

thats for appearance. the other things you'll need. don't be afraid! make sure you're polite. smile at everyone, one smile can help a person get through a really rough day. if you see someone being bullied, don't try and stop them, go to a teacher you trust and tell them. do all your homework and try your hardest, but make sure you still have time for friends. don't try and be popular, try and be you. you get closer friends that way!

best of luck! <3
its going to be fine. im in eigth grade so, as you can tell, i survived... if this is your first time rotating classes, just try to find some one who's in the same class as you. that way you can find the class together... usually the teacher will help you n the first few days. and don't be scared. it'll all work out, you'll find a system that works for you.

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