Do you have any study skills and/or studying tips for me?

Question:Now that school has started, I think I might need some tips. I'm not the best at studying and I think that is my only weakness in school pretty much because I don't know how to study.

So my question, How do you study? What are some study skills that I should know? Do you have any tips for me?

I appreciate all your help and will put your suggestions to use!

Thank You Everyone in advance.

P.S. My classes are the regular classes:

PLEASE give me some study skills and tips. Again, thanks!

First of all, I agree with TDUB. There are lots of things you can do to improve your grades. Here are a few:

1.) Study a little bit everyday. All you have to is like 15-20 minutes a night for each subject. When you start reading your notes often, they will stick in your head and you will remember them easier. This helps. Once you here about a test date start doing this. Then, like three days before the test/exam, start studying more often and longer.

2.) Plan ahead. Our school is block schedule, so once you get some homework, do it the day you receive it and get it done with. This will give you more free time to study your notes and other things. Also, use your homework and class acitvities as study guides for tests. Teachers seem to get a lot of test questions from Chapter Reviews in your book or homework questions.

3.) DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!!! This is a killer, you will fall way behind if you wait till the last minute to start studying for a test/quiz or finishing a project. This is key, try to start working on the assignment not to long after you have received the due date. THIS WILL HELP YOU A LOT!!

OK, these tips should help you a lot. If you use these a lot they should help you with your grades. Hope this helps you some, and good luck!
Don't over do it. Study or do homework for 45 minutes and then take a 15 minute break before returning to your studies. This will prevent burnout.
1) Small sessions are better than large ones, Take regular breaks get up and walk during the breaks

2) Utilize as many of your senses as possible while studying, read the material, see the material, speak the material out loud. The more senses you use, the better it engrains in your brain.

3) I'm a college student I found I'm distracted by my household duties, I study away from home.

4) Flash cards word wonders and are portable, however are time consuming to make.

5) Structure your studying
Why? Are you doing bad at uhigh?

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